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  • The Jolly Roller Newsletter is a once-a-month newsletter about, you guessed it, dice! And also dice-related things such as gaming, dice boxes, etc. I'm sure you get the idea. It will contain things about new Resource articles, changes to the website, dice pictures (of course), new things I'm making, etc. It's a very broad newsletter, meant as a general overview. Its purpose is not as an advertisement (We all know those "news"letters, and they suck), but as a genuinely useful thing. It may contain information about pricing changes, pricing of upcoming new things, and the like so it isn't entirely non-promotional.
  • This is for the dice goblins that need to know when something will be available. A Stock Alert will go out any time there is new stock heading to the store, and will show the sets available and how many of each will be available. Restocks are planned to be once a month, but may vary.

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